Many firms simply don’t have the scale to access what we consider the industry’s ‘best thinking.’ Small RIA’s lack the research capabilities and the required asset minimums necessary to work with private Aspirational Solutions and Niche Growth Strategies. On the other hand, investment firms and private banks are too big to tap into the smaller, growth-oriented corners of the market. Our size, scale and industry reputation allow us to access sophisticated investment offerings. And, we have the purchasing power to aggregate assets to negotiate lower manager fees for our clients. Always doing the best by our clients makes me proud to work at Oxford.

We are a fully independent firm with no proprietary products or vested interest in promoting an affiliate’s products or services. As a result, we can deliver advice that is completely objective and in your best interest. That same mindset is applied to uncovering Aspirational Solutions and Niche Growth Strategies. It’s a process that requires extensive networking, objective research and rigorous due diligence—all supported by Oxford’s in-house research team.

As a firm, we recognize that investing in the right people is essential to succeed. That is why we hire seasoned industry professionals and foster the growth of internal talent within the organization. We look for independent thinkers with intellectual curiosity, insight and ideas to pursue promising investment opportunities. Our research team is comprised of twelve highly experienced individuals — eight of whom hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation. This depth of knowledge differentiates us from other RIAs in the business. Each team member has specialized expertise in a focus area such as real estate, global equity or private equity. And, they maintain a deep understanding of the issues and trends affecting companies, industries and markets.

Oxford was founded on the premise of helping clients identify solutions for their complex wealth management needs. Over time, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has evolved along with our clients changing financial needs. Our ability to quickly adapt and develop customized financial solutions aligned with our clients goals has contributed to an expanding menu of innovative growth opportunities over the past decade.