And, each of these services can be customized to effectively protect and transfer your wealth. Managing a trust company comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge. At Oxford, we’re well versed in helping families navigate the complexities of asset transfer. When you’ve been serving wealthy clients for as long as we have, there are few challenges we haven’t encountered. We have the technical knowledge and expertise to address both the routine and unique scenarios that arise. It’s unusual for an RIA to operate a trust company and it is one of the things that makes Oxford unique.

Our deep expertise in managing the financial, legal and tax issues associated with estate and trust settlement is supported by the fact that we understand your entire financial picture. This allows us to design a trust that reflects your values and your family’s long-term vision. And, we work collaboratively with your entire Oxford team to thoughtfully and collaboratively execute your plan.

A trust functions as the cornerstone of an estate plan. As with any financial partner, you not only need experience but also the peace of mind knowing your trustee will serve the term of your trust. We have a well-established track record of helping families achieve their wealth transfer goals. The Trust Company of Oxford is a subsidiary of Oxford Financial Group, Ltd., and our succession plan ensures that we’re committed to remaining an independent RIA for the long haul. When you work with us, you can be confident that we’ll be around for generations.