A multi-generational planning approach and proper family governance enhances our ability to minimize depletion of wealth due to taxes, creditor/predator challenges and economic risks.

Assessing the health of your wealth plan
At Oxford, we don’t support a one-size-fits-all approach to planning. Instead, we begin with a panoramic view of a family’s wealth. Using multiple analytical tools, we evaluate core strengths and weaknesses while working to identify any opportunities or threats to achieving your family’s financial and legacy goals. This process helps us not only identify planning gaps and minimize identifiable risks, it also allows us to maximize tax efficiencies between generations and capitalize on opportunities to grow your wealth.

Developing your MasterPlan
Once we have identified your wealth objectives, we assemble your MasterPlan. This document provides a dynamic blueprint for sustainable multi-generational wealth. Our MasterPlan supports the relationship between you and your Oxford Managing Director by facilitating educational commentary and discussions around technical strategies without using complicated tax and estate planning jargon.

Wealth planning is not a finite process; therefore, your MasterPlan is designed to evolve and live in perpetuity. It serves both as your broad financial roadmap and as your legacy statement—capturing your family’s values and shared vision for generations to come.