Each of our clients has created wealth in unique and varied ways. Yet, they share one common goal—to perpetuate wealth for generations. Sadly, many estate plans fail to achieve a family’s desired outcome. I view myself as a steward of your wealth. Using sophisticated multi-generational planning strategies, we work to continue to enhance your existing wealth and ensure it passes to your heirs in the most efficient way possible. In my opinion, the key to continued wealth lies in effective governance, learning best practices from other families, powerful Aspirational Solutions and a tremendous focus on education. Entrepreneurial, growth-oriented clients hire Oxford to serve as their advocate for every stage of their life’s financial journey. As a results oriented team of professionals, we are focused on execution on behalf of our clients. As a fiduciary, we sit at the same side of the table with you, not across from you, and that means we’re completely vested in your success.

Advising my clients is a continuous, evolving process. We take significant pride in gaining deep insight into who you are and what you want to achieve. We document each of your priorities and combine them with best practices from hundreds of other significant families from around the country into your MasterPlan. Think of this as a strategic plan for your family. This serves as your roadmap for the next three to five years and holds us accountable to stay on track.

Combining our passion for delivering highly personalized support, our experience in working with hundreds of other families in similar situations and our expertise in delivering innovative Aspirational Solutions and Niche Growth Strategies is a reflection of our uncompromising commitment to continue to enhance our clients’ wealth for generations to come.

Kristina R. Baron, MBA