The Unique Value of Oxford’s In-House Trust Company

The 1990s were marked— among other events— by a string of bank consolidations and merger activity. Many of Oxford’s clients were directly impacted as large, centralized trust departments replaced personal relationships with a local bank trust officer. Realizing that our clients could be better served by Oxford’s own in-house professionals, we founded The Trust Company of Oxford™ (TCO) in 1997. Our goal when we started out was to grow and protect your family’s legacy. These guiding principles remain true today.

Over the years, our work with clients led to our direct involvement in estate and philanthropic planning. This expertise made us uniquely qualified to establish a trust company. We don’t market our trust services—instead, we provide it as an accommodation for existing clients.

As a firm, we offer a comprehensive range of services—TCO is one piece of a holistic wealth management strategy. Helping you and your heirs achieve your goals is our primary focus. Our team of seasoned fiduciary officers can administer a broad array of trusts to meet your needs.