The Evolved Family Office Experience

For many affluent families, wealth passes between generations for a multitude of planning purposes. Wealth is also held by multiple generations at the same time. This can present not only distinct challenges but also significant opportunities. With proper family governance and entity structures, an investment and wealth transfer strategy can effectively span generations. To help you better address the issues associated with multi-generational wealth, we continue to expand our family office experience.

We recognize that each generation has its own unique identity—and this can influence how family members deploy their wealth. Whether for philanthropic goals or investment objectives, competing perspectives between generations can lead to conflict. Without a unified family vision, it can be difficult to implement a cohesive wealth plan.

Encouraging open communication across generations is one way we can support this. By focusing on family meetings and facilitating important discussions, we can create unified goals for the transition of wealth, philanthropy, sensitive estate planning matters and the protection of lineal wealth. Our goal is to guard your legacy in perpetuity, not just for a single generation.