Early in my career, as a trust officer for a bank and trust company in Western Michigan, I had a client whose family members were Oxford clients. Working with the Oxford team, I realized that I was operating as a silo, managing only one small piece of an individual’s broader financial picture. Oxford sits at the table with the entire family coordinating many different aspects of their personal and business financial affairs. And, we support these relationships using strategies that span generations and markets.

Oxford fosters a culture that is conducive to building in-depth client relationships. Our associates care about their legacy and want to make a difference in the lives of the clients and families they work with. You don’t experience this at other firms and it’s a big reason why I work here. My colleagues don’t leave Oxford— they retire from Oxford.

A large majority of our client relationships are multi-generational and value our long-term focus as a privately owned firm. Mergers and acquisition activity among investment firms has been on the rise for years. Oxford made intentional plans over a decade ago to ensure Oxford’s sustainability. As a firm, we’re committed to long-term independence—we’ll be here to grow your family’s legacy for generations to come. That longevity is comforting for you and for us.

Our focus on relationship continuity means that we are very strategic when it comes to recruiting new talent. The associates we hire today are the ones who will advise your children and grandchildren. Therefore, we deliberately seek individuals who will share our same values and dedication. This unique client-centric culture keeps people engaged and encourages them to maintain a long-term perspective.

And, just as we help our clients plan for succession within their families and businesses, we develop thoughtfully crafted transition plans when an Oxford associate retires. Because our Family Office Service teams are built with longevity in mind, clients work with multiple Managing Directors. This helps make the process of onboarding new team members a seamless one. Planning for an impending retirement begins several years in advance and focuses on maintaining continuity for client families through the entire process. It’s all part of a highly intentional approach that is ingrained into everything we do at Oxford.
Jason R. Brinks, CFP®, CTFA