When we educate our clients, we empower them and instill confidence in their ability to succeed. By helping them understand the complexities of investing, we can support positive outcomes. For example, I encourage clients to look beyond short-term market performance and focus instead on how their wealth can create a lasting impact through legacy planning.Most of our clients are highly successful entrepreneurs who have deep expertise in a particular niche or industry. Their success has been driven by intense focus and a concerted effort to manage risk. However, successful wealth management enhancement requires a different skillset — specifically a strong understanding of the markets. As a result, the qualities that make a good entrepreneur are not always the ones that make a good investor.

Let’s say you sell a business. Up to this point, you have poured all of your energy into building that operation. Post-sale, you find yourself with substantial capital. Despite past successes, you may not be equipped to navigate the challenges of such an enormous financial transaction alone. Our role is to bridge the knowledge gap and help you implement a comprehensive plan.

For many entrepreneurs a significant piece of their net worth is on paper. But, a liquidity event can provide a client with life changing wealth. At the same time, these transactions can create tax and legal issues that few people can address on their own. The opportunities for proper wealth transfer and tax planning can be tremendous if the right professionals are brought on board.

We provide the guidance and planning necessary to help you minimize or eliminate these challenges. For many clients, this means funding portfolios to grow and preserve capital, creating effective asset transfer to beneficiaries and establishing philanthropic missions. By clearly defining where you are and where you want to be, we can begin the process of building the bridge between the two. We’re on the front lines with you day in and day out working alongside you as your partner and educator.
Seema J. Ackerman, MBA