We help with every facet of your financial life — business succession planning, tax optimization strategies and estate planning. Clients often refer to us as their family’s own Chief Financial Officer. We apply thoughtful analysis to design and implement a customized strategy and continue to monitor and adjust it over time. We will also coordinate with legal, tax and other investment advisors as needed. Our focus entails managing all the financial details — so you’re free to do what you do best.

As a client-centric firm, we are continually looking for new ways to enhance returns, manage risk and increase diversification. Traditional long-only portfolios can no longer generate the growth potential needed to sufficiently grow wealth, especially at this late stage of the economic cycle. I expect returns will be lower in the future. By focusing on more complex markets, we can expand opportunities for growth, provide low correlations to other asset classes and preserve purchasing power.

I believe that many people place an outsized premium on liquidity. However, investors who are willing to sacrifice liquidity may be rewarded when the market experiences a sell-off. Though illiquid investments typically entail greater risk and lock-up periods, they tend to be characterized by outsized returns, more attractive risk-adjusted returns and greater downside protection.

The support of a boutique firm with the resources of a large, global firm shapes every client experience at Oxford. At the root of our success is a process that’s differentiated by three pillars:

Seasoned financial professionals: A diverse team of highly credentialed experts who are dedicated and directly accountable for your success.

Best in class resources: A global investment platform that draws on extensive in-house capabilities across all areas of wealth management, from wealth transfer strategies and fiduciary oversight to Aspirational Solutions and Niche Growth Strategies.

Specialized advice: The tools and expertise to meet the distinct needs of high net worth clients. It is the primary reason we are committed to growing Oxford organically through new clients and attracting the industry’s best talent. We are a generational firm with generational clients.