A Fundamental Part of Our Value Proposition

Our expertise in private market investment solutions is a major draw for clients. They understand that managing wealth effectively requires access to creative strategies that cannot be sourced on their own. That’s why Niche Growth Strategies and Aspirational Solutions have become a fundamental part of our value proposition.

Most of our competitors are large banks and brokerage firms who cater to the needs of thousands of clients. As an RIA, we manage money for approximately 700 individuals and families. This allows us to focus on smaller investment opportunities that yield better returns. The key to delivering these solutions lies in our proprietary research and our veteran team that sources these opportunities.

Over the years, we’ve grown our team to accommodate the expanding range of solutions we offer. A subset of our 12-member investment management team is the Oxford Investment Fellows. This group is comprised of seven CFA charterholders who conduct extensive research on private investment opportunities. There is a very committed effort within the Oxford Investment Fellows to recruit individuals with significant private market experience. The result is a team with a diverse set of complementary skills and analyst coverage across an array of potential investment strategies.