Jeffrey H. Thomasson, MBA, CFP®

Letter from Jeff

Dear Oxford Friends and Associates,

As we close out our 37th year, I would like to reflect on changes occurring in the RIA market. Amid a period of ongoing consolidation, financial advisors are increasingly leaving banks and brokerage firms in favor of the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) model. Whether these firms operate under a national broker/dealer umbrella, are funded by private equity or function as a traditional RIA, the definition of “independence” has become blurred. Some firms represent “true” fiduciaries solely regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission; others operate under both a fee and a broker/dealer model. As a result, differentiating between these two models has become either confusing or a non-event, depending upon a client or other advisors ability to quantify the meaning of a true “fiduciary.” For over three decades, Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. has committed to doing what is best for you, our client. Serving as a ‘total fiduciary’ ensures we’ll act with the highest level of transparency, providing objective, unbiased financial advice.