There’s a lot of work that goes into identifying private investment opportunities—extensive due diligence and exhaustive research. There is no public data available on these securities. The Oxford Investment Fellows leverage their vast network of industry contacts and professional insights to gather crucial information about potential client investments.

We take a lot of pride in making our Oxford Investment Fellows accessible to our clients. You can talk directly with the analyst who sourced the investment idea at a client meeting. In fact, we encourage open conversations between our clients and team members and clients appreciate this interaction. A bank may have the same type of analyst, but they may be located in New York City. Therefore, the likelihood of that analyst meeting with a client in Michigan, for instance, would be quite slim.

While other RIAs offer private investing strategies, their depth of offerings, experience and performance are no match for Oxford. We believe it comes down to analyst experience and the ability to access promising ideas. It demonstrates our willingness and commitment to hiring talented industry veterans who have the ability to source these unique investment solutions.