Our holistic planning process means that we view investments as part of an integrated plan. Over the years, your plan may change as your goals and family needs change – and your investments should evolve to reflect your new situation. As a fiduciary and steward of your wealth, we not only bring the right resources to your journey, but we have the expertise to apply them strategically and at the most opportunistic time. Our broad experience tells us what techniques work and don’t work. And, we draw on multiple perspectives to implement the best possible strategy wherever your family is in meeting their objectives.

Bringing the right resources at the right time to your situation also means constantly seeking the best new investment solutions for our clients. Over the past decade, we’ve worked tirelessly to introduce and expand our menu of Aspirational Solutions and Niche Growth Strategies—unique investment opportunities that you can’t access on your own or through other advisors.

These highly focused offerings provide you with compelling ways to enhance investment returns and grow your wealth. In fact, these solutions have become a defining characteristic of Oxford. As a firm, we’ve had remarkable success bringing new, sophisticated investment strategies onboard thanks to a team of investment analysts who perform exhausting research to meet the ever changing financial needs of our clients.